Digital is one of those impossibly broad terms like “social.” It’s perhaps too broad to be useful. It includes:

  • Your company website, including any microsites or landing page campaigns
  • Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others
  • Mobile applications

But it also includes things like how your employees use email, productivity apps, and legacy systems.

In short, anything digital includes both the public and private, new and legacy.

The point of  a digital strategy is usually a transformation of your business. A digital strategy’s goal is to effect a significant transition out of business as usual, to make it more resistant to disruptions in the marketplace.

Clocktower Advisors provides a roadmap to help clients align with goals, create a roadmap for changing the business, and a plan for how to measure and govern these new processes and habits that are essential to a sustainable digital transformation. Learn more.

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