What are the latest trends in online community?

Although online communities have been around since the early days of dial-up bulletin boards, their usage by corporations and other organizations is a relatively new practice.

Vanilla, a leading creators of online forum software and other products, has put together a yearly roundup of predictions from leading online community experts to help organizations make sense of trends that are happening in this space. I have been honored to be asked for my opinions for the past two years.

This year’s 2020 predictions included the following big topics:

  • Chapter 1: Community Goes Green
  • Chapter 2: The Rise of Tribalism in Community
  • Chapter 3: The Rise of Internal Communities
  • Chapter 4: CX and the Customer-Centric Design
  • Chapter 5: Privacy and Data Management
  • Chapter 6: Automation and AI
  • Chapter 7: Personalization and Customization
  • Chapter 8: Better ROI Attribution to Community
  • Chapter 10: Rise of the Branded Community Over Social Media
  • Chapter 11: Community Integration into the Total Organization Ecosystem

Each of the experts interviewed was asked what they felt was the biggest trend they see happening in the next year. For me, it was the topic of Chapter 11, the integration of online communities into the digital ecosystem of organizations.

I have seen a greater emphasis in the past year on internal communities and finding ways to better assimilate these collaboration workspaces into the overall digital strategy of an organization.

It’s a substantial eBook weighing in at 90 pages with insights to match. I invite you to download the eBook (it’s free) and learn more.