Clocktower Advisors

Create lasting value by changing the definition of your business using tools for social collaboration and community. Your customers, partners, stakeholders, and employees need and expect it to be easier to understand and do business with you.

Clocktower Advisors helps organizations to remove the barriers to delivering business results by providing the following solutions.

Digital Strategy

Your company’s digital strategy should take into account all of the tools and technologies you own. This is your ecosystem and it encompasses your website, social media channels, videos, blogs, and email newsletters. But it also includes your employee’s workplace tools, whether they are using Slack and the Google suite or Microsoft Office 365 and Yammer.

Clocktower Advisors provides perspective and advice about leading practices that will help to save you time and budget. Our advisory services will further help to ensure that you are being efficient, productive, and driving greater revenues with a smart, sustainable digital strategy.


Even if you’re starting a brand new business, a website is going to be the centerpiece of your digital ecosystem. It’s the place where the most in-depth descriptions of your products and services will be found. It’s where your social media and email newsletters will point.

Clocktower Advisors will help you to prioritize the business goals your website will serve. We advise you about the design, technology, and calls to action that will best serve your needs, whether you are a small business owner in Manitowoc County, or a Fortune 1000 game design company in LA.

Digital Workplace

A digital workplace is comprised of all the technologies your employees use to get work done. Often, the problem isn’t a lack of viable digital tools, but too many options. When an employee can’t find the right tool to get the job done, it’s all too easy to go to the Web and pull down a trial software or freeware instead.

But what are the risks to your organization when sensitive company data can end up in applications that haven’t been vetted by your IT security department? Clocktower Advisors helps companies to assess the ecosystem of available technology tools for employees and can recommend an approach to help organize and simplify the employee experience.

The result? Higher productivity, reduced costs, and happier employees who experience less friction in their day-to-day projects.

Online Community

Online communities are often overlooked and misunderstood. IT is easy to misunderstand them as something equal to Facebook or LinkedIn, but they are not. Online communities can be Facebook or LinkedIn group, but they are more frequently independent software platforms ranging from discussion forums to highly complex, integrated enterprise applications like Lithium or Salesforce Community Cloud.

Clocktower Advisors has delivered dozens of projects in the online community space, from selecting the right community platform, to providing implementation oversight. We also have deep knowledge of what it takes to be successful at getting a brand new online community off the ground and ensuring that it succeeds over the long haul.

Social Media

A strong social media strategy is more than just digital marketing. Beyond understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each digital channel and the best times to post content to engage with your audiences, a social media strategy must build trust and engage with the emotions of your target audience.

What does it matter to post “fresh” content three times a day if you aren’t getting any kind of response from the prospects you are trying to reach?

Clocktower Advisors works with you to build thoughtful content around topics that will engage the interest and interaction with your prospects and customers. And whether it’s a short term campaign or an ongoing social media strategy, we make sure that your efforts always connect with a measurable outcome, whether it’s driving traffic to your website, gathering sign-ups for an event, or downloading a white paper.

Our Process

In each engagement, Clocktower Advisors provides some common types of activities and deliverables.

Digital Strategy Workshops

Through a series of half- or full-day workshops, Clocktower Advisors can help to align your key business goals with the digital assets used by the business to communicate and collaborate both internally and externally.

Technology Activation and Adoption

The implementation of a new technology solution must be accompanied by a plan to help communicate its value. Clocktower Advisors’ activation and adoption planning can help ensure that your technology investment is communicated effectively throughout your organization or to your customers. The solution includes communications and content planning, training, and analytics monitoring.

Measurement and Analytics

Any implementation of a social technology solution will require thoughtful measurement. By aligning the business goals with Key Performance Indicators, Clocktower Advisors will help identify the health of your technology or platform adoption whether it is a new set of collaboration tools or an online community. We create actionable executive dashboards so that leaders can see what’s happening with their technology investments and we can help your teams by prioritizing the most meaningful and practical metrics for their weekly and monthly use.

Research and Analysis

Whether you are planning to start an online forum, launch a newsletter, create a social media campaign, or redesign your website, research and analysis isn’t something you can do without. Before engaging with your prospects or customers, you’ll need a much better idea about the content that they find compelling and comment-worthy. And moving before you know what your competitors are doing is a risk that only good research can mitigate. Clocktower Advisors provides deep primary and secondary research services that are affordable, accurate, and validated by multiple sources.